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    Essentially, teens will do what they want sexually, but parents can help guide them to make better decisions by sharing their own values and beliefs with their children and— this is important! Even though the boy was, iirc, very sweet and totally innocent. This would be in the early s, I guess. Add that to curiosity, peer pressure, and the desire to be one's own independent person free of anyone else's rules and you've got a recipe for clandestine experimentation. I'm not saying jump to conclusions, but there's a risk here, especially raised by the oh-so-quick close friendship. If you haven't already, I'd start an honest and open dialog with your niece about sex, her body and her rights.

    Coed sleepover sex videos

    Unfortunately if they're dead set on it, refusing to let him sleep over won't stop it from happening. For families without security systems, I suggest that a parent sleep on a cot or couch near the door. Children are innocent, but they can also be very, very sketchy. Also, I would feel uncomfortable all night and will most likely end up keeping myself up to greet the sun the next morning. Safety depends on chaperones! Elizabeth Findley — YES — Personally, I believe that this decision should be a decision made individually between parents and their child. I was molested by a cousin at that age. Guys and girls hanging out is perfectly ok and if they want to spend the night together then that is a conversation that should be had with the parents and boundaries should be set. And there was no danger of my ever doing anything sexual with any of them because, duh, I'm gay. She might be innocently yearning for the days of younger childhood, when such an arrangement was acceptable. Set your rules now - your rules will always be compared to what her mother let her do, but in the long run when she has kids of her own! What is this weather phenomenon? Sleepover is still a no, though. That being said, I don't think there's harm in them hanging out "too much" as long as there is adequate supervision. Influenced by an increasingly unisex society and sexually saturated media, this get-together is appealing to ever-younger girls who are eager to socialize, experience excitement, and feel grown up. I'd break it to her in the context that, while you may be ok with sleepovers later, you feel like it's not a second-day-of-knowing-you sort of situation. Thinking back some some of the things my classmates were getting into in grade 7 very early 90s, fwiw There are, after all, boys who like boys, and girls who like girls. It shouldn't take too long to get some idea of the kind of vibes between them to figure whether something is likely to happen or not. After all, allowing opposite-sex sleepovers for teenagers is a pretty progressive idea no matter how you slice it. This greatly reduces the risk of guests' leaving and drinking. They could call boys on the phone and ask who likes whom and all that fun stuff. I mean, I was the social recluse then - for me to have noticed that kind of talk says something about how widespread it was. And yes, I know that sort of thing was going on when I was a kid, too, just not so much. Any guest who leaves is not permitted to come back. I am not sure if she succeeded, but yikes.

    Coed sleepover sex videos

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