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    She was not wearing a jacket and was hugging herself with her arms as she walked along the pavement in an attempt to protect herself from the cold. That was a very good decision. I leered down at her groaning with delight, caressing her dark hair with my hands. Grunting with satisfaction, I disengaged myself and slumped on the couch beside the sighing Jessica. She started off slowly at first, gently kissing and tonguing the tip and shaft. Jessica sat on one of the single chairs across from me. She had obviously dressed light to take advantage of the warm weather in the afternoon and had been caught out by the change in the temperature. A white guy fucks his pretty African neighbour.

    Free black teen white man sex

    She watched wide eyed with glee as my white cock drove into her young black pussy, her copious vaginal juices squelching against my cock. She just smiled at me with her big beautiful dark eyes. I always brushed it off, but in reality I believed it was probably true. She watched me undress as she erotically caressed the material of her fishnets and her bare thighs. I continued my journey up her bare thighs to the flimsy fabric of her damp thong. Sighing contentedly, I grinded my hips against her ass, ensuring that as much cum as possible would dribble into her sopping pussy. She had obviously dressed light to take advantage of the warm weather in the afternoon and had been caught out by the change in the temperature. I let her hands go and nodded towards her skirt. You are always welcome. A white guy fucks his pretty African neighbour. I grabbed her hips and repeatedly thrust my cock into her, leering down at the back of her thong beautifully accentuating the shape of her pouting dark-skinned buttocks. I was ready to fuck the little tease. Jessica gripped the back of the couch and looked at me over her shoulder, biting her lower lip with anticipation. And it would undoubtedly not be the last. I had been so concentrated on her panties and stockings that I had neglected her pert little breasts. I steadily fucked her mouth and watched in delight as she sometimes choked on my cock, causing pre-cum and saliva to dribble from her lips and nose. Eventually, after licking her pussy for several minutes, my cock was rock hard again. I stared at the contour of her pussy lips bulging through the skimpy material of her thong. That night she was not dressed for the cold weather, wearing only a short skirt, fishnets, and a skimpy top. Afterwards, I got dressed and Jessica went to freshen up in the bathroom. There were plenty of other places to kiss instead. I look down at her in fascination as she licked up and swallowed by cum. I raised one of her legs onto the couch and fucked her even faster and deeper, jolting her forward against the couch. I let her enter the house first, admiring her tight round ass and the line of her skimpy thong through the back of her tight fitting skirt. I bit my bottom lip and shifted position to hide the erection that was beginning to throb against my thigh. It had been relatively warm during the afternoon.

    Free black teen white man sex

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