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    She did not wear any panties beneath her garter belt and her waxed, beautiful pussy was exposed. Still, her pussy gripped him tighter and tighter. He entered a very shabby and dimly lit apartment. With a finger, she reached under his balls and pressed against the sensitive skin as she thrust his cock down her throat. He sat down on a recliner and leaned back, sighing with pleasure. He could not hold it in anymore. Her pussy contracted immediately as she struggled to keep her moans quiet. She always tasted sweet. She always had a hot bath waiting for him to soak into after a long day at work.

    Harcore mature sex

    Her pussy kept getting wetter and wetter for him and he knew she was enjoying it. In the past month, she had only run one of his articles. He licked his thumb and started rubbing her clit again. His balls tightened up against him as he felt her thrust his cock faster and faster down her throat. Why she had picked him, he would never know, but she had given him a night he would always remember- and her virginity. He put the knife down on the ground and gave her pussy a good lick. She wore a black garter belt attached to her nude stockings. His muscles instantly loosened and he was in a world of relaxation. He grabbed his cock and bounced it a few times in his hand, trying to calm himself down. He could feel her swallow and her throat tighten up while she pressed against the outside of his prostate. He put on his brown jacket and packed his laptop up in his briefcase. He spread her legs wide open and buried his tongue deep inside her, before moving it towards her clit. Despite his efforts, he could feel the climax building up in the head of his cock again. Her eyes were a soft blue. He entered a very shabby and dimly lit apartment. He was greeted by his servant, Heather, who was dressed in a form fitting French maid outfit. He could not hold it in anymore. She kissed both of his shoes and kept her head down. He massaged her with his tongue, moving it in circular motions. On her petite and docile feet was a pair of three-inch heels. He sat back, cock covered with both of their cum. The heel was just long enough to give her legs an extra bit of sexiness but not enough to make her taller than he was. The pleasure was building up at the head of his cock. She greeted him with her head slightly bowed and her eyes to his shoes. He started dating her in college, after a night of partying at a local get together. Her skin was light and pale, with long blonde hair that was braided and out of her face. He gave her pussy a good lick.

    Harcore mature sex

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