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    Years went by and my passion for everything sex-, relationship-, and pleasure-related increased. We just invented it! Not only are we discreet, but everything we sell is with your health in mind. When you want the best sex toys and romantic gifts you have come to the right web site. There are a lot of great consultants, just make sure you find someone who takes their job seriously and gives a great party for the products, education and entertainment. We provide all information to you up front, with absolutely no hidden costs that pop up at a later date. Little did I know this was the first of many hushed kitchen conversations about sex toys. We encourage you to peruse our site, think about hosting an adult toy party, consider having your own home based business and see how Fantasia can fit into your life!

    Sex toys at home parties

    There are some that are not well thought out and even those that can take advantage of the consultant as well as the consumer. Guests are free to handle the products, and, if they wish, place an order. When you host a party , you have the option to include select lingerie into your sex toy party. Passion Parties did a fantastic job teaching us how to sell but provided no formal sex education. All About Sex Toy Parties Adult Sex Toy Parties by Fantasia offers you the opportunity to purchase sensual products, like adult toys, for yourself and your partner within the privacy of your own home and without embarrassment. Some of the consultants are women that just want to work from home and have no experience or study in sexuality. We know that shopping for sex toys is a very personal experience, and our Romance Consultants ensure a comfortable private environment for you to choose the right product for you. Pheromone enhanced lotions, creams and perfumes to add some sex appeal to your scent. Not only are we discreet, but everything we sell is with your health in mind. I've come away from our parties very pleased with the products, service and the later outcome. The opportunity to advance my career and work with a company who shared my values ultimately sealed the deal when deciding to switch companies. We will also help you network with the right companies for your business. Little did I know this was the first of many hushed kitchen conversations about sex toys. Plus the newest models of deluxe vibrators like the Rabbit and all range of bullets and more. You may want to choose one niche or you can give a variety of different themed parties and choose how you want to market each of them. After our presentation, rest assured that all purchases and orders are always taken in private. But I really wanted what they were offering. You and your guests will truly enjoy the experience of exploring our products, with the guidance of a knowledgeable consultant, in the privacy of your home. Put your dreams and goals on the fast track. Please browse our website, and get all the information you need to start your own successful home based sex toy party business, get fabulous sexy products at great prices, or host your very own sex toy party! You can invite your friends, relatives, and colleagues to attend an informal gathering in your home. Have you read the stories of boardroom execs who win the big contract after wearing a garter belt beneath their business suit, or the college grad who gets that dream jobs after buying a lacy bra and panty set? You can choose from a few different options- You can contact an established corporate sex toy manufacturer to private label their pre-existing products which allows you to sell it as your own brand by having your company name and images on the products and packaging. Feeling sexy improves confidence, and improved confidence improves romance. You will need to determine how the products will be presented, how much you will need to charge your representatives for the products and how much you will ultimately charge consumers.

    Sex toys at home parties

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      Discover the Opportunity Our company provides the very best opportunities to make sensational money from your first party and beyond. A Consultant will be there to show your guests the large variety of the quality products we offer.

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      Nearly 30 years ago, Fantasia Home Parties was one of the first pioneers to create sex toys parties. I needed time to grieve.

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      This was the company that set me on a whole new life path! We will also help you network with the right companies for your business.

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