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    Is there an API for retrieving these results programmatically? They are also obsessed with chemistry and genetics, but predictably focused on the more destructive aspects of these sciences, like bombs and selective breeding. It's a masterwork of plot and story creation. The rest of the novel grows from this firmly established foundation. Can I add this to my browser's search bar? Their storyline has some of the most tender and fierce moments I've seen in a fictional lesbian romance, and while I have some qualms about how it worked out, I was wholeheartedly invested in the journey. If you get back nothing but junk, try restating your query so that it's just two or three simple words.

    The logomaniacs sex

    As carefully and measuredly as each event unfolds, I do feel that if you think too hard about some of the causal connections, something is lacking. Her appointment as accountant is the first domino in a series of events that lead to Baru winning the love of the people and saving the imperial government in the region by destroying the value of imperial currency. How does it work? Both feature women who love women and, in various places, are or aren't treated badly for it. That's because not every dictionary indexed by OneLook is used by the reverse dictionary, and our search algorithm still needs a lot of work. I think Dickinson excellently makes it so that the small hints of romance that Baru does reveal are indicative of a powerful love. That's not to say there isn't fighting the empire, though; one of Baru's fathers leaves to fight them and never returns. She also forms a deep but unconsummated relationship with a noblewoman, a relationship that can't ever be real because Baru must not let the Masquerade have any ammunition to use against her. We urge you to click on a word to check its definition before using it in your Oscars acceptance speech or honors thesis. The titular Baru is a woman from an island nation where families are comprised of a mother, two fathers, and children or Baru's is, at least; there may be variation we don't see. Instead, he might've suffered the painful punishments the Masquerade deals to those who commit "unhygenic" sexual behavior. Baru is a stoic character by nature, and hiding even the small outward signs of love buries the romance deep for even the reader privy to some of her thoughts. Is this available in any other languages besides English? Just follow these instructions. The same interface is now available in Spanish at rimar. Where the two books differ, though, is in style. For some types of searches only the first result or the first few results are likely to be useful. The other curious lack here is the fantasy elements. Some are referenced toward the end of the story and will undoubtedly turn up in the next book, if the ending is any indication. It's hard to put so much work on the shoulders of one character and have them carry it without turning into an overpowered robot, but Dickinson has built Baru strong and fanatical, and she'll do it - and she'll stay interesting, flawed, and human the whole time. The Masquerade is ostensibly a meritocracy, totally unconcerned with inherited power; all of the public servants wear masks at least in their official capacity to emphasize that it's not about the person, it's about their skills. She uses her savant skills to get a posting in the imperial goverment: We're continually adding more references and improving the precision of the system. Their storyline has some of the most tender and fierce moments I've seen in a fictional lesbian romance, and while I have some qualms about how it worked out, I was wholeheartedly invested in the journey. Some queries are very difficult for our system. The few fantastical elements in the book lean more toward science fiction than magic, which is something that felt fresh and interesting - an old-fantasy world with almost-industrial science and some strange powers of psychological conditioning. She is also fiercely committed to bringing down the Masquerade and she knows it cannot be torn down from outside.

    The logomaniacs sex

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