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    Anders beckoned her to speak. Instead, everyone was on the edge of their seat, eager to win the ultimate prize. Ahri truly knew sex. Ionians valued having a true connection rather than having sex merely for pleasure. Though, I doubt we'd have to force you to do so. It made Anders wince. During that time she had seen a variety of cultures and noted how differently they approached the very idea of sex. She shook off her thoughts and took her seat between Diana and Syndra, nodding to the Lunari as she sat. Imagine her surprise when she was "enlightened" on a new approach to sex by none other than the Institute of War itself.

    Ultimate sex fights

    Sure, there was some obvious uneasiness on the faces of the more chaste women, such as Riven and Akali, but, all in all, they didn't seem particularly opposed to the idea. The next evening she went to the specified building on the Institute's grounds where the briefing of the test would be held. This aphrodisiac is quite, quite powerful, and will make you desperate to fornicate, regardless of gender. Readers get to decide who wins each round via a poll. Not only will it drastically increase your sexual desire, but it will also amplify your own level of arousal, making those of you who find the prospect of orgasming from another woman's touch impossible quite incorrect. With every minute that passes the aphrodisiac will increase in intensity. As scientists, it is our job to research and understand phenomena like this so that the Institute can use said information to advance its reach. Also, this story was inspired by XDisturbed's stories. She opened it after returning from her matches that day, only to find an incredibly vague and cryptic invitation to…. Everyone wanted that sweet, sweet gold, but only one woman would win the ultimate prize. Instead, everyone was on the edge of their seat, eager to win the ultimate prize. It seemed like quite the exclusive offer. This is the first installment of this series and acts more like a prologue than a real chapter. You must also make your opponent orgasm, as a formality. Tell us the rules in layman's terms. She figured she had seen all there was to see and done all there was to do on the topic. They saw it as an extension of love, not a gateway. It will make both you and your opponent very turned on and very susceptible to having an orgasm. Of course, if the price was right, she would have no objections in participating. She loved sex, and getting to bone some of her fellow champions would be a dream come true. That was more than most of them made in a week! Yuri Multiple Characters Rated: As stated in the description, I want the readers to vote on who wins to keep it interesting and engaging. Gone were the apprehensive, annoyed group of ladies. It was simply in her nature. Go check them out. She had never had sex like this before.

    Ultimate sex fights

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      The first woman to be brought to orgasm loses, and the winner of the match goes on to the next round to face another one of the winners. Once everyone was settled, a young, slim woman dressed in a lab coat came out to a podium in front of the women to greet them.

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